Sunday, August 20, 2006

First Blossom

Pat found the first blossom for the season this morning on the apricot tree. I can't help but get excited with the promise of what I hopefully will be harvesting this spring & summer. Makes me almost like summer.

This little blossom is not the only change happening in my garden.

Banjo has gone broody and so I am starting to save duck eggs to set under her. Not in too big of a rush to set her so soon into going broody.

The daffodils that we ordered at the Adelaide show are starting to form flowering buds. Oh I can't wait to see them out in flower as when we ordered them, we looked at the actual flower not a photo and could see the true colour of the flower.

Magpies in the area are starting to pair up as well. We watched yesterday about 12 flying high up and what seemed like fighting amongst themselves. We put that down to the males fighting over the females.

Its been windy lately as well and the winds have been on the warm side. This tends to dry out the front garden and so yesterday I emptied 4 wheel barrows of mulch from my compost tumbler into the front garden.

I have a new project for the backyard espaliering fruit & citrus trees. I have added a page to my main web to keep you up to date on what we do and how it's progressing.

Last but not least, those seeds I sowed are starting to germinate. Tomatoes, egg plants and lettuces so far have popped their heads through the seedling mix. Not long and I'll have to find a home for the spring onions in the vegie patch as they are responding well to the warmer days.

So even though I am not as busy out in the garden, the garden is picking up speed with growing and changes.

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