Monday, August 21, 2006

Free Free Free

It's just over 4 weeks that I set 3 tyres up as a worm farm to recycle some of the animal litter. So I thought is was time to revisit the worm farm and see how it's coming along.

Using Bundy's tyre as the base I rotated the tyres and the last tyre is now Bundy's for him to play in.

I couldn't get over how much the animal waste had broken down. Also the amount of worms that were inside the tyre rims area was amazing. Lovely big fat adult worms, so they should be starting a breeding cycle, if not already.

I went and got my camera to take a photos of the compost and found the supervisors had decided to take a look at how the farm was coming along. Problem was I think they retrenched a fair amount of my workers while I was gone.

At one stage Twinner was running with a pile of worms hanging from her bill, with Duchess in hot pursuit.

This is what I am always talking about. Garden waste, animal litter & bedding, kitchen waste and house hold waste, like paper, toilet rolls and garden weeds. Leave it for the worms to turn into free compost and then use it in your garden.

Not only are you feeding the soil for plants, there is less waste leaving your yard for land fill.

I don't know how this sort of composting will go in the summer months. But by that stage this will be finished and I will be using the 2 compost bins and tumbler in a 3 week system and will not have excess waste from the house & garden needing to be composted elsewhere.

This tyre system will be used each winter from now on.

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