Thursday, August 10, 2006

Free Worm Castings

Today I sent some time in the sun harvesting worm castings from my 2 worm farms. This will be used when I plant out the summer crops.

Using the bathroom digital scales comes in handy now and then:)

I harvested 15.9 kilo of castings for free. Not bad for a bunch of little worms and a bucket of kitchen scraps fed to them. Sure beats throwing the scraps away.

These castings will be sealed and stored in a cool place until I am ready to transplant the capsicum, egg plants & tomatoes into larger pots. Then once ready for the garden bed a bit more added to the hole in which the seedling is transplanted into.

I tend to call this sort of use of manures a "power boost" for the plants.

The trays that I now have empty were given a scrub and placed on top of the feeding tray that holds all my worms. The process now starts again. Next year about this time I will harvest the castings again.

These warm days seem to have the worms more active as well. So with the farms all sorted out they are ready for the feedings over the warmer months and into the next year.

If your thinking of a worm farm for your garden or just for getting rid of your kitchen scraps, I hope I have helped to sway you towards starting one up.

I have been farming worms now for over 7 years and I hold them very high up in the organic gardening system I have in place in my backyard.

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