Sunday, August 06, 2006

Gardening & BBQ's

In my books gardening & BBQ's go well together any day of the week. Some people say that they have been "working" out in the garden, me I "play" in the garden as I enjoy gardening so much.

Due to Amy having day surgery on Friday just gone, we are at home caring for Amy. So I figured while keeping an eye on her, I'd spend the other hours in the garden.

So at 9 o'clock this morning I started out in the front garden. Removing some tired plants like alyssum, pulled out weeds, tidied up under 4 rose bushes and pruned them.

All the waste was either composted or fed to the ducks & chooks. Rose pruning were placed in the green waste bin for pickup. Couple of the FABLESS 4 snuck out the chook run while I was emptying a bucket of greens in their run. So I gave up trying to get them back in and let them all out as it was such a lovely day.

With the chooks out I move to the back yard to keep on gardening and keep an eye on the chooks.

I just pottered round weeding little patches that needed doing. The Pak Choy was going to seed and so I collected that and fed it too the guinea pigs & rabbits.

Then I moved onto the strawberry plants and made sure the straw was around the plants again, as the wild birds like to spread the straw round the garden. Then I collected the old chicken manure and this was sprinkled round the strawberry plants but not near the base of the plants.

As it's the weekend I wanted to do the composting bins. I emptied the tumbler in an area of the vegie patch Pat had turned over for me last week. Then I rotated the bins and the eldest compost bin was emptied into the tumbler.

With Amy out of action I needed to clean out the guinea pig hutch for her. I cheated by taking the hutch down into the duck run, removed all litter waste and cleaned it out by using the hose on jet spray. All their bedding litter was added to the compost bins. With the hose in the duck yard, this made for some very excited ducks.

With the guinea pigs cleaned out and new bedding in, time to start packing up everything and everybody as the night air was coming in.

So the chooks went home to hot mash, guinea pigs to a fresh hutch and organic broccoli plant for tea. Nibbles & Cadbury into their hutches, all the birds onto their hooks in the house.

So yep I played in the garden today and after all I did, I think I played hard. I know my body feels like I did.

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