Friday, August 18, 2006

More Jonquils

Pretty sure this is the last variety of Jonquil to flower in my garden. My sister Debbie only has the yellow variety and so when the bulbs have died back, I'll give her some of this one and the Excalibur variety.

There is just something about bulbs that to me, that make the spring season so exciting and welcoming when walking past gardens and these lovely flowers.


melissa said...

There nice jonquils Lucky .. i have the paper whites and the yellow/orange centred ones a few mini daffodils called spitfire (the outside petals fold back ..they are multiplying well, when they die back in summer ..would you like a few bulbs ..? see the picture on sweetpeas garden
i love bulbs as well easy , yet so pretty .
i have some inside at the moment ..yesterday they looked gorgeous they just plain ol' stink .!

Lucky-1 said...

Oh yes Melissa that would be a wonderful idea to swap bulbs with you.

Do you want all 3 variets of mine? More than happy to share them if you do. All 3 varieties have been posted on my Blogg.

Showed Pat the "Spitfire" bulb flowers and he loved them.

melissa said...

i dont mind either way..only thing i ask is if by some great calamity the parents bulbs were to die ..i could get some back (im so sure this wouldn't happen but never know !). expect a parcwel from me in about dec .

Lucky-1 said...

Not a problem Melissa:)

If something was to happen to the parent plants, just sing out:D