Thursday, August 03, 2006

More Of My Garden Area

Raspberry canes have been in for a few years now and we get a great crop of lovely juice raspberries. The pavers used as a boarder were taken from the area below.

This used to have a little tree surrounded by pavers and I saw it as a future vegie plot. So the tree was removed and we found the whole area was just clay compounded down over the years. So with gypsum, compost and animal manure it's now a productive area in my garden. This winter I grew the brassica vegies and this summer it'll be tomatoes and capsicum. All that is left are the brussels sprouts.

That is about the size of the sprouts. I have never grown them before and have no idea if this is about the size they should be or bigger again, for the age of the sprouts.

Couple of plants are looking tatty and I will feed them to the animals. Mind you heaps of people are asking me what the plants are, as they didn't know sprouts grew like that. So as a talking point they are worth growing.

I have compared them to a couple of my fingers to give you an idea of the size of the sprouts.

If you can help me by telling me know if they will get bigger, please let me know.


ChrisP said...

Hi Lucky,

Gramps here... have posted to the chat forum as gramps (no (R)) as I can't seem to get the login happening for the gramps(R). but it's just a matter of time before I've trawled through the old passwords (three at a time with a 20min pause between goes!). I had to laugh when I searched out my last post and saw the discussion of whatever happened to...

Funny. Anyrate, will get back on soonish...


Lucky-1 said...

Hello Gramps,

It's great to hear from you. Do hope all is well your way. As you can see, I am as busy as ever...

chrisp said...


The site looks great! I'm prob not getting back on as a reg Chat contributor soon as they need to reset or recreate my login... Anyrate - I don't normally get much time to do alot - but some updates might be good to put out there... Our little cherub is 18 months and the average size of two and a half year-old... height is in the genes! Her name is Ella.

Well I'll be back to try my luck on the forum next week... work trip to Melb.