Monday, August 14, 2006

Quiet Day

For the first time in a while I had a quiet day in the garden. Taking a bar stool outside & using the garden table to sow the last of the seeds I wanted sown into punnets.

So here is hoping the seeds germinate and Nibbles, Banjo or the FABLESS 4 don't dig or eat the lettuces like last time. I have had a bad run with my lettuces started from seeds. Seem to be eaten by others in the place.

Today I sowed the following.

Cabbage January King
Red iceberg lettuce
Sweet basil
Freckled lettuces
Green Mignonette lettuce

The seeds list below were sent to me in a seed swap on the ABC Gardening Australia Forum.

Long white bunching shallots (kimmy's Mum)
Giant Ford silverbeet (Edible's seeds she sent me)
Drylander's Loofah seeds

Into the soil went some radish seeds.

There are still more seeds to be started but they will be done later next month or early October.

Oprah is now laying and isn't she just so pretty. Still a little hen and so small against the full size hens. So she will be running with Bonnie & Clyde and the ducks.

She had developed this idea of perching in the fruit trees in the afternoon. Wait until the fruit arrives, I bet Pat soon starts telling her off. Me, I think there will be enough fruit for her as well as us.

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