Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Size Of My Garden

For the people who haven't visited my place in person, I thought I would show you my vegie garden layout. I tend to use a lot of trellis for the climbing plants where possible. This trellis is not moving from the area this summer as I will use it for the cucumbers.

In the foreground is my no-dig garden. As the seasons passed I found I wanted to grow more varieties of food and the only way to do this was, to cut back the lawn area. By using the no-dig technique all I need to do was cover the lawn with aged manure, water it in, thick layers of newspaper, over lapping so no weeds or lawn could get through and then add blood & bone, aged manure, compost and straw.
This is the "people fence" made from recycled tin from my brother who didn't want the tin anymore. The reason it's called a "people fence" is it's meant to keep the people one side and the poultry the other side.

The fence is not fool proof as the white hens nicknamed the "Fabless 4" are often jumping over the "people fence" to see what goodies they can dig up in the vegie patch.

I have plans with the fence down the track to grow citrus and fruit trees along the "people fence" and hopefully this will solve the problem of the Fabless 4 raiding my garden.

Until this is done, the chooks have supervised visits to the duck run for exercise out of their own chook run. I call them the paroles when out enjoying the extra space. Not that the chook run is a small area for them to run round in either.

Once again in the foreground is more of the no-dig garden.

The fruit tree is a beautiful apricot variety. Only problem is the tree was already established when we bought the place, we have no idea of the variety. I make the most wonderful jam each summer from the fruit.
This photo was taken standing back against the shade house area in the first photo. I have strawberries, wormwood, rosemary, carrots & beetroot., down behind the apricot tree.
I use wire a lot of the time to try and keep the wild birds from digging up the seeds or seedlings until they are big enough to handle birds scratching round in the soil for bugs and grubs.

So there you have it, the layout on the main vegie garden. There is another area where I grow raspberries and other vegies and I'll show you this tomorrow.

The vacant areas are being prepared for the spring/summer season of growing the most wonderful, fresh organic vegetables.

It can't get any better than that.

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