Thursday, August 17, 2006

Spring Has Sprung

Apricot Tree

Spring is well and truly here as the apricot & plum tree buds are swelling. I can't believe that already the trees are on the move. Seems like yesterday that I was out pruning them with ducks under my feet.

Now it won't be long and there will be blossoms and then leaves.

Plum Tree

One of the most wonderful things about having the ducks & chooks is the fruit trees are in the duck run. So from a permaculture aspect, this is permaculture working at it's best. As any rotting fruit is cleaned up by the poultry and also in Autumn the leaves are also eaten by the ducks and chooks.

We don't have fruit fly where I live and the use of the poultry makes the chances even lower by cleaning up any fallen fruits.

Once again hoping for a great harvest so I can make jam. Down to my last jar of plum jam.

Might even look into making some plum sauce this year. My Nanna made a mean plum sauce when I was a kid and I loved eating it.

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