Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Today Pat & I went for a drive up near the Adelaide Hills. The sun was shining, birds were singing and the weeds were growing.

One of those weeds was the Arum Lily. A beautiful lush green bulbous plant that when it gets into the water ways..... it goes feral. Going from the 2 photos I have posted, you can't get much feral than these.

To a non gardener the beautiful drive to Waterfull Gully was stunning and on a hot day, the trip would make you feel so cool. Camellias flowers and magnolia trees in flower, gardens with green lawns and spring annuals flowering.

But to a gardener who is wise to what plants turned to a feral weed in the water ways or can do on the landscape its sad to see.

How can we stop this happening???

By learning what can grow and not grow in your garden. I have these bulbs in my garden and the flowers once finished, are removed before the seeds form. Because when these seeds drop on the ground or are washed into a water way, its a license for them to take root and spread themselves around.

It was sad to see the trees choking and dying while these feral plants that have become a weed thrive in the water way.

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