Thursday, August 24, 2006

We've Had Rain

This morning we were woken to the sound of heavy rain on the roof. It was wonderful to just lay there and listen to the splash of the car tyres as the cars went up the street.

Rain gauged measured 5.5 mm of rain. Much welcomed and the garden is looking fresh and happy.

Yesterday it reached 20 degrees but it was the wierdest 20 degrees. One minute it felt cold and then warm and thundery.

As it was a quiet day here Pat & I sat out the back and watched the ducks wander round on the people side of the fence dabbing in the lawn and empty areas of the garden. It's comical to watch them as they know the vegie areas are off limits, but they do try and sneak over there for a nibble of the leafy greens.

The no-dig garden is very popular as I am sure its full of worms and slaters and other organic rotting material bugs that love mulch. Duchess made it to the asparagus area for a few seconds for the photo and then was shooed off. The other day Rhett broke an asparagus spear with her foot.

So I laid on the lawn and snapped off about 94 photos of them waddling round enjoying the warmish rain feeling afternoon.

Roz is a funny duck, sometimes she's in like Flynn with the other ducks and then the next time she hangs back and does her thing on her own.

Today I am setting Banjo with some duck eggs as she is well and truly broody now. The ducklings will be sold and the monies put into their feed bill account.

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