Friday, August 25, 2006

Yeehah's Rhubarb

I am what I call a serial rhubarb killer. Each year I buy a crown from a nursery and bring the plant home, plant it out...........And then kill it.

Each time I buy a new plant, I try a different area in the vegie garden. Each year it dies.

I had pretty well given up buying anymore crowns as when I walk past them in the garden nurseries, I am sure I see them trembling with fear. As my hand reaches to pick one up, just to hold the crown close to me, I am sure I can hear it screaming with terror.

So Yeehah has taken pity on me or is it to save the crowns at the shops from certain death. She has sent me two big crowns for my birthday.

Are they not the most wonderful looking crowns??? I really do hope these grow and not die under my care. It was suggested that a bigger crown may do better than a small crown from the shops.

So here is hoping after 7 years of murdering a plant that should be grown in every vegie garden......I have broken the cycle with help from a fellow gardening friend.

Thank you Yeehah, for you kindness of giving me such a lovely present and the faith you have in me.


Kennette said...

I'm not kind, I'm actually a really warped person - a rhubarb killer in disguise, mwah-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!!

I just want to see those babies DIE, die, die, LOL!!!!!

Lucky-1 said...


Oh Kennette:) How can I kill them off after all the km's they traveled to get from your place to my place.

melissa said...

good luck ,lucky !!
i wish the rhubarb all the best !

Lucky-1 said...

Thanks Melissa:)

I too hope they go okay. When I checked on them this morning, they were still alive.

What do they say......first 24 hours is the worst and most

Anonymous said...

Hi Lucky1
Spooky here - we have communicated on G.A. chat. Love your site.
I too am a (unintentional) rhubarb killer. Planted 3 beautiful crowns early last winter, got a good crop, then suddenly they were gone!!! Dead to the ground. Same happened with some Italian parsley I put in. I wondered if it was something like Army beatle that gets into the lawn????

Lucky-1 said...

Hi Spooky:) What I know of Rhubarb, you don't harvest it the first year.

I think one is going to grow, but 1 seems to have died:(

Here is Yeehah's site. She is the one who kindly sent me the crowns:) have a look at her's.

Yeehah maybe able to give you some tips:)

Not sure about your parsley.