Friday, September 29, 2006

Baby Ducks Are Hatching

No photos yet, but I have, well........... Banjo, Bonnie & Clyde have 1 fluffy little mallard coloured duckling and 2 eggs piping as I type this.

I popped one of Duchess' eggs under her, but I don't think they are fertile. One of her eggs didn't hatch out from the first hatching for this spring season. And by the looks of it, the egg for the second sitting is going the same way.

While I was checking the duckling and eggs, the 3 mothers made quiet noises letting me know they weren't impressed.

Oprah was making more noises than them and she looked evil as she glared at me from her nesting area on the top of the cupboard. I am not thinking of setting her at this present time. I have enough hens and if I do set her, it'll be duck eggs as well.

Not sure how Oprah would go sitting as she is only a young hen herself, not even 12 months old. I'll see how she goes and maybe I'll try her if she stays broody for a few more days. Then I have to see if she'll sit on eggs as well.

So hope to have in the next 24 hours some photos up here of the ducklings for you to see.

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