Friday, September 22, 2006

Care In Your Garden

Have you been wondering why I am not posting on a daily basis of late?? I know I have been missing the idea of telling you what I have been up to on Lucky's Duck farm.

Sunday evening on dusk I was walking shredded paper down to the compost bin when I saw my son and his mates sitting out the back.

So I changed direction and headed over to say hello to them all. What I didn't see was a green metal rabbit hutch on a green lawn under the clothes line. I use this hutch on nice days to pop Cadbury in, so she's on the lawn.

So as I fell over the housing end of the rabbit hutch I lurch forward and didn't stop until I reached the old desk under the veranda I use when doing my seeds. By then I had blood running down my leg and I was crying as the pain was so intense.

So off to the medical clinic Pat took me. I can home with the lower part of my leg dressed (no stitches thank goodness). I have to keep the leg raised and not walk on it, this will keep the swelling down. Pat took me back on Wednesday to have it redressed and then again today and I still have to go back on Monday next week.

Because the injury is at the front of the leg, the doctor is concerned it could develop into an ulcer or abscess if I don't stay off my leg. The length of the 2 scratches from the corner of the hutch is from just under the knee to the just above the ankle.

So I am only going out into the garden when I need to feed the chooks & ducks. Pat is looking after my bunnies and Amy's 2 guinea pigs.

What did I learn from this??? To make sure Cadbury's hutch is packed away by the people fence when she's not using it. Make sure the tetanus shot is up to date (it was) and to watch where I am going.

I have also learnt there are only so many DVD's a person can watch a day too, before they get on one's nerves.


melissa said...

Poor you ........i hope your feeling better .
Rotten things,......... those cages in the dark

Lucky-1 said...

Thanks Melissa:)

Hoping to get an all clear at the doctors tomorrow. I have stuff that needs doing in the garden banking up and the list is getting even longer:0-)