Saturday, September 30, 2006

Clyde's A Mum

How special is this???Clyde is a mum to these 3 little ducklings for about a week. Then I have to break her heart and send the ducklings to the pet shop. This by that time will break my heart as well.

Banjo, Bonnie & Clyde between them hatched 3 of the 4 duck eggs out yesterday. For some reason Duchess' eggs are not coming to anything. I have 1 or 2 of her eggs still under Banjo & Bonnie who are left to sit on the 12 other duck eggs, due out mid next month.

By letting Clyde care for these ducklings, it will help her to come off the brood. Better for her to miss the ducklings for a few days, than have her in a cage for a week or so, to bring her off the brood.

With the next load of ducklings I am hoping the same will happen and Bonnie can care for those ducklings and this will hopefully get her off the brood as well.

So for the next few days to a week, I will have 3 ducklings to fuss over and take stacks of photos of.

So keep an eye out for updates on how we are all coping with 3 babies on Lucky's Duck Farm.


Cackles said...

Hi Lucky - About the duck eggs incubated by Clyde and in general duck eggs under chooks - do you just let them be? I've seen it advised to spray the eggs with water to increase humidity. Mine are now Day 23 and so far I have kept a close eye on the setting hens but otherwise left the eggs alone.

Loved the duckling video and appreciate your sending it!

Lucky-1 said...

Hi Cackles, I just leave them to do their own "thing". Be it ducks or my silkies sitting on the eggs.

I just make sure they have water and food and a safe place to sit on their eggs.

Good luck with your eggs and please let me know how you get on.


Cackles said...

That is so good to hear, thanks. I was looking for the egg that I think is a "dud" to make sure it wasn't rotten today but gave up as the girls really don't like to be disturbed. They get off the eggs for a while about 9am each day and I've been removing their big poops and making sure that they are eating and drinking.

Have made a start on a blog myself...cluckycorner21