Wednesday, September 20, 2006

First Ducklings Have Hatched

What a lovely surprise when I went out to feed the animals this morning and there to greet me were 8 little ducklings. I only saw 1 to start off with and thought I'd wait until this afternoon to see how many had hatched.

But I had to go out and look,who can wait until the afternoon??? From what I could see there were 6 little faces poking out from under the silkies wings, while 1 was happy to sit on Banjo's back.

With so many little faces I figured they had hatched overnight and so with Pat's help we removed Banjo, Bonnie & Clyde and collected 8 ducklings and their broken shells.

There are still 2 eggs left over from Banjo's setting plus the 4 duck eggs I gave Bonnie to sit on.

As neither Bonnie nor Clyde wanted to sit on their eggs away from Banjo, all the eggs were mixed together.

I have the ducklings inside so I can make sure they get some water and chick crumble and are healthy enough for the pet shop tomorrow morning.

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