Saturday, September 02, 2006

Gardening Of The Restful Kind.

This morning was so lovely outside that we started our day with bacon & eggs for breakfast on the back lawn. While Pat was sitting out the back resting due to his asthma playing up, I started potting around in the garden.

I didn't have anything on my weekend list of things I wanted to do, so I just sort of moved from 1 area to the next doing anything that needed doing.

Letting the chooks out to run in the duck run lead to some great excitement. Ducks became chooks and chooks became ducks as they explored each other's areas. I must admit the FABLESS 4 were very good today and I only busted 1 over the people fence digging up the no-dig area.... Doesn't that hen know what no-dig means????

I turned the compost bin again, even though I only finished filling it through the week. Neville my ex-lawn mower man called in with a bin load of lawn cuttings for the duck run. So after he left I raked up all the old lawn cuttings laced with duck manure and composted that and then spread the new lawn cuttings round.

So after turning the compost the chooks thought they had hit pay dirt with being able to scratch round where the bin was sitting before I moved and emptied it. I couldn't get over how much the compost was heating up, steam was greeting me with each turn of the garden fork.

Twinner took to some of the hens and was having a tussle over the compost area, as that is "her area" after the compost bin is moved. So when the fights would start Manny would tear down to protect his wives and then I'd see Twinner take after Manny cranky as anything and Manny would be running as fast as he could to get away from Twinner. Hell has no fury like a cranky mallard duck!

By now it was lunch time and after lunch Pat headed inside as the wind had come up and his asthma was getting worse. I stayed outside and continued on my merry way in the garden.

After looking at the carrot/beetroot area I decided it was time to thin them out. As I was thinning the carrots I was thinking it's a shame to do this. But one thing I have learnt, by thinning the carrots out, I get a better harvest. Longer, straighter and bigger carrots than if I don't thin them out.

I fed some of the seedlings to Amy's guinea pigs and the worm farms. The last handful was put into the fridge for Cadbury & Nibbles tea tonight.

I don't transplant carrot seedlings as being a root crop they hate their roots being disturbed. So they are used for animal food so as not to be wasted. The seedlings I sowed were called "All Seasons" and their roots were already lovely and long. Due to the good condition of the soil.

Next came the beetroot seedlings. Now I have transplanted these seedling before and they have taken quite well. So I picked out the nicest looking ones and transplanted them between the original row and the back fence. I am hoping these will take as I will have twice as many beetroots to eat. The left overs were added to Nibbles & Cadbury's bag in the fridge.

All thinned and transplanted and finished off with a watering can of rainwater with some seasol fish emulsion this is to help with transplant shock and root disturbance.

I then tidied up 1 of the rows of rainbow chard. Amy tends to raid it and isn't the best picker of leaves. The other row will be done tomorrow. The leaves picked today along with the naked stems of which leaves used to grow on, were fed to the chooks (this got them back in their run and the gate shut), Flossy my 3rd bunny and the ducks. Then a feed of worm castings mixed in a bucket of rain water and watered over the leaves.

So that was my day out in the garden. Restful and very rewarding.

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