Thursday, September 21, 2006

My Broccoli

Broccoli almost ready for eating, if you look in between the leaves you can see the heads forming. I do hope they don't all need picking at the same time.

I have never been able to master the blanching technique and so I like to cook it fresh.

I have to say though, these broccoli plants are in the no-dig garden and I really do believe this has increased the size of the plants.

In the background I had a few left over broccoli seedlings earlier this year and the plants didn't do anywhere as good in size and harvest quality. The broccoli heads were only the size of a tennis ball if I was lucky. Still tasted as good as home grown can, but lacked so much in size. This was due to not preparing the soil beforehand with old manures & homemade compost.

By preparing the soil before hand, this will not only feed the soil and keep it healthy: it also feeds your plants. When I plant out seedlings of any kind, I always pop a handful of worm castings into the hole and then the seedling goes in.

As I harvest the heads, the rest is pulled up with leaves fed to the chooks, ducks. Stalk is cut up and fed to the rabbits & guinea pigs. Not much is wasted in my garden including any green grubs as I hand pick them off and feed to the chooks for protein.


Orchid40 said...

Hi, Lucky
I read with interest about your broccoli. mine`s done well so far too. Just wondered if you knew that if you cut off the main head and leave the plant in the ground it will reshoot. A second bite of the cherry !
Orchid40 (Val )

melissa said...

nice .. you know how much i appreciate broccoli.
totally agree with the fact that broccoli Looovves to be well manured .. it shows its gratitude with big florets .

Lucky-1 said...

Hi Orchid40,
Yes I did know about the second harvest of flowerets. Just that with 3 bunnies, 2 guinea pigs and the chooks & ducks, I like to feed them the plants and get the area ready for something else:)

Thank you for letting me know about it though:)

Cheers Lucky

Lucky-1 said...

Oh yes Melissa, broccoli adore the area with heaps of manure.This lot don't have many if any green grubs on the leaves either:D