Friday, September 15, 2006

My Front Garden

I am so pleased with the front yard and the showing of flowers I have had so far. There are still a few daffodils to flower and the ranunculus are just coming into flowering.

Back about 10 years ago I won some bulbs through the Gardening Australia magazine and the Dutch iris bulbs have started to flower. The tulips have over the years have slowly been lost in the soil.

Back a few weeks ago I emptied another 2 wheel barrows of mulch from my composting bins into the front yard again.

Going from the warm weather we have already had so far and talk of more water restrictions coming in October if we don't get the rains, I'll need to add a couple more wheel barrow loads to make sure the plants are okay through the summer months.

I have a packet of portulaca seeds to be sprinkled in the front yard, near the front where the rocks are. These are one of Pat's favourite summer flowers and I wanted to spoil him with a summer display.

I can't get over how much the roses are booming along with the warm weather and the winter pruning. Though when pruned there were still leaves on some bushes.

It was winter last year that we moved the garden from the right side of the footpath the left hand side. That was so Amy had some where to park her car.

1 rose bush I thought was going to not be much good, as it was over 7 years old when we moved them across the footpath. But this year its just a mass of leaves and like all the other rose bushes, a mass of flowering buds are forming.

When we transplanted the rose bushes I lined the most fragrant bushes along the footpath. This should be a lovely way to greet people when they call in and walk up to the front door.

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