Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Straight Leaf Spring Onions.

Straight leaf spring onions are one of my favourite plants I love to grow in the garden. Yesterday I transplanted 35 clumps of seedlings I grew myself, using seeds from my own seed collection.

I prefer to grow the straight leaf variety due to the leaves not laying down and bending over in the soil when they get bigger. The odd leaf will fall over but not like other varieties I have grown.

In the photo you can see the flowers starting to develop. I will let a couple of these flowers develop and then collect the seeds for the following season. In the background you can see the leeks I grew from seeds as well. As I have no leek seeds left in my collection, I am hoping the spring onion seeds will be finished and collected and when the leeks go to flower those seeds can be collected.

Close up of the flower head. Those black spots in the flower head are in fact seeds. Bees love these flower balls.

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