Friday, September 01, 2006

Strange Bed Fellows

We go through this every spring and summer. Banjo my duck goes broody and before the ducklings have hatch..... Bonnie my silkie sees Banjo sitting on a clutch of duck eggs and then the next thing Bonnie is nesting with Banjo.

Bonnie is the darker hen on the left and Clyde is the lighter hen on the right. I did give Clyde a girlie name but everyone kept saying Bonnie & Clyde and so I gave up on her original name.

So as it stands, Banjo has 10 duck eggs, Bonnie has none and I think Clyde was just laying her little egg and wanted to do it in the nursery box.

Bonnie will be set within the next 7 days with some little green eggs from Milly & Twinner my 2 mallard ducks. I don't need any new chooks, so Bonnie can sit on some duck eggs.

I sell the ducklings and so Bonnie may as well earn a living as well as Banjo.

If I leave Bonnie & Banjo with a couple of ducklings when I want them off the brood, they are so funny sharing the mothering between them.

I am not sure how many people experience this with 2 different poultry breeds, but I like to think my little patch of heaven is special and unique.


melissa said...

Oh ..that time of year .. mine havent gone clucky yet ..some are thinking about it ... amazing how many can fit in abox ..

Lucky-1 said...

LOL Yes Melissa.... it is amazing isn't it. Must be a comfy box to nest in... plenty of room. It's actually a spare tray for one of my worm farms, but I use the castings as quick as the worms make it.