Sunday, September 24, 2006

Windy Weather & Duck Eggs

This morning I set Banjo again with another 12 duck eggs. Having to boot 2 broody silkies and 1 broody duck off the nest caused a bit of noise and Pat was wondering what was going on. They do like to carry on to the max when disturbed.

I removed the 2 eggs that didn't hatch and checked the other 4 eggs I gave to the silkies.

Twinner was nice and comfortable in the tyre with straw tucked around her and 1 egg under her. Going from how she carried on, she's thinking of going broody as well. So now I'll start to save eggs for her and will set Twinner towards next weekend.

I am wondering if Milly will go broody as well, as last year both Twinner and Milly hatched out ducklings at the same time.

Other news, we had 3 mm of rain overnight along with some strong winds. I was woken through the night with winds howling and rain on the roof. Still windy here this morning with the odd shower of rain. Think this is the last burst of winter before the warm weather is here until into next year.

So far this month we have has 21 mm of rain.

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