Monday, October 30, 2006

Another Trip to the Zoo.

Yesterday (Sunday) Patrick, myself, my brother & his wife took a relaxing trip into the zoo and botanical gardens in the city. The photo above is of parts of the the rose garden and the tropical rainforest's observatory. Walking round among the rose bushes, we could smell the flowers and see the bees busy collecting pollen from the flowers.

There was so many different varieties of roses and choosing some to pop here and show you all was a tough choice. I loved how this flower was hanging and so to take the photo I had to lay on the lawn to take some photos.

Roses of all shapes a sizes, but never short of busy bees. If I was sniffing any of the rose flowers, I made sure there wasn't a bee inside the petals.

She's looking old isn't she???? Poor darling is 20 years old now. I was listening to a volunteer at the zoo and he was saying tigers live about 10 years in the wild. So this lady sure has earned her quiet time.

Giraffes are now not as shy now to when they moved in. There are two young ones at the zoo now. So this trip in we got a wonderful surprise to find the screens had been removed and this made for better viewing and taking photos.

I just love these Mandarin ducks from Asia. They are on the endangered list and I think they are just so pretty. They look like painted china statues. These little guys are like the bigs cats, I just have to take photos of them when I visit the zoo.

I was just so tickled with this photo of the 3 zebras eating together. Usually they are spread out in their enclosure.

So after days of working on my website in a new program and hopefully this will be changed over this coming Saturday and trying to fix the big PC that we now know needs a new hard drive, it was good to get out into some fresh air and see some old friends that we do so love to see at the zoo and to make some new ones.

Seeing the botanical gardens and the rose garden, finished it off nicely.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Rhubarb Update

Thought an update on how the rhubarb crowns are going was due. As you can see from the photo one is still toughing it out in my garden. The other crown I am sad to say, croaked it with in weeks of being planted out.

I am still not passed the death hour as I had one crown last longer than what this one has, before that too died.

I am finding this a challenge to see if this one can last and perhaps down the track feed us with a dessert or two.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Prickly Weed

Found this weed in the no-dig garden and I am thinking it may have come from the sheep manure. It's the one & only weed of this kind in the garden and this one will not be fed to the animals or composted.

Check out those spikes where new leaves either grow or a new stem shoots off the main part on the plant.

What caught my eye with this weed was how lush and green the leaves are. The leaves are so glossy and if I hadn't been watching what I was doing, I would have grabbed the whole plant with my hand and those spikes would have made a nasty introduction to me.

So a word of warning, always look at what you are touching in the garden and wear gloves. These spikes would have still pierced my skin, but would have been worse if I had bare hands.

I don't know the name of this weed and I would love to know.

If you know, please leave a comment and tell me:)

Monday, October 23, 2006


Couple of snap shots of PK my canary. He isn't singing this spring and I have been trying to find out why.

I am pretty sure he has finished moulting as it was ceiling to floor orange feathers back a couple of months ago.

PK loves cucumber and any other treats I give him from the garden.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Baby Duckling Update

First pondie for the babies this morning. I have taken them away from Banjo as she still has a couple of eggs under her.

The worm tray that Banjo loves to nest in, is too tall for the ducklings to get back into when they fall out. I found 1 duckling in a corner of the shed and was feeling on the cold side this morning. So now they are safe and sound in Cadbury's hutch until Monday.

Cadbury is camping in the spare hutch on the lawn until the ducklings go. Going from her photo below she didn't take the news well.

Still hoping for results with the last 2 eggs under Banjo. I can still hear tapping from inside one of the eggs, this morning.

I have the other 8 ducks in the other enclosure away from Banjo as Bundy is desperate to mate with Banjo and she doesn't want anything to do with him. I am worried the last eggs will be broken with Bundy harassing Banjo.

Also I like to keep the main flock away from the babies if they stay with their mother.

Bonnie has shown no interest in leaving her eggs when the ducklings were hatching. I was concerned that she might have left the eggs to go searching for the little duckling noises they were making.

So at the moment Lucky's Duck Farm is a busy little place with babies either having arrived, still hatching or due in a fortnight.

How special is that?

Friday, October 20, 2006

Banjo's Babies

Today I am thrilled to announce that Banjo is a mum so far to 7 ducklings. She was so good when I popped her off to see how many and to take some photos.

There are 5 eggs still to go and I think 2 will be duds as I haven't managed to get any of Duchess's eggs to hatch out after 3 sittings.

There is one egg piping at the moment and this leaves 2 eggs I am not too sure about. So out of 12 eggs, we could end up with a minimum of 8 duckings if all goes well.

You can see more photos on Lucky's Nursery page

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Sick Plum Tree

Our beautiful plum tree has almost overnight gone from a lush tree with good healthy leaves & fruit on it, to a very sick tree. We have a council park behind our house and a few days before we found the tree becoming sick they had been working in the park. So I am wondering if the workers had sprayed poisons round and some blew over the fence and onto the plum tree.

Close up of the leaves. The leaves died over a matter of a few days. The really affected limbs are very light to lift, almost like they are lacking moisture in the branches.

On the heavier limbs that don't seem to be as affected, have new growth starting. To me it's like there is enough moisture in the tree limbs to generate new growth. I am keeping an eye on the new growth to make sure its not dying as well.

Even bigger growth. I am hoping this growth will keep growing and the tree isn't dying completely and it's trying to generate grow while under stress. Mind you to say that statement... The tree is very stressed.

So the plan is to remove all the dead leaves and the limbs from the tree that are so light when moved. By doing this we are hoping the tree will recover as it'll not have the badly damaged limbs to contend with as well.

I'll keep you posted on what happens as the weeks go by and hopefully good news will be able to be reported to you all.

Sunday, October 15, 2006


Aren't they just FAB TAB to look at? Just picked and rinsed and ready for eating freshly picked or tops removed and popped into the fridge to snack on later. The leaves aren't wasted either, they will feed the rabbits & guinea pigs tonight.

Back when I was first married I used to raid my Father-in-Law's vegie garden for a feed of radishes.

Both Pat & I thought dad used to eat the radishes himself, but years later we found out he only grew them for us.

So now I grow them in my garden as often as I can. Pat loves the round variety where as I eat either these or the French Breakfast varieties.

Nothing is nicer than picking a fresh radish, while watering the garden.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

What Is In A Duck Breed??

Ever wondered how many eggs a muscovy duck may lay a year ?? Or if a Mallard duck can be used as a meat bird? What about if an Indian Runner makes a good brooder/mother?

Now that my main website has more space for me to use, I have those answers and a few more on a page called Duck Breeds

I have this book I love to read called "For The Love Of Ducks" An Australian Guide to Duck Husbandry" .

This book is amazing and I have the aauthor and ISBN number on the page as well. Through this book I have learnt a lot about the keeping of ducks and the book is based in Australia. There aren'’t a lot of poultry books for Australian poultry fanciers in the books shops.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Tomatoes & Irises

This is what I have been doing the last 2 days. Getting this area ready for tomato plants and basil plants. Those pavers came from my brother's yard and over the last 2 days I have dug the old garden boarder out and put these pavers in.

Ducks & Nibbles helped me and we had heaps of fun together.

To see what it used to look like and the stages to get it to what is in the photo above take a look
and see on my tomato page on my main website.

This yellow iris has special meaning to me. The bulb came from a lovely lady in NSW. I have never met Tessa but we have know each other for a long time through our passion for gardening.

I wanted to share the beauty of this photo as not only does it show you a yellow flower, but something else too.

That no matter how far you are from someone, you can reach them with an act of kindness. When I look at this plant and now this beautiful yellow flower I think of this very special lady and how kind she was to me.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Bye Bye Grubby

I was sniffing my beautiful Mr. Lincoln rose this morning and look what I found. Not only was it happy to chew through the stem of a bud that had not opened....... It was happy to flaunt itself at me by climbing all over the now ruined rose bud.

So after I finished taking the photo I popped it on the cement footpath and stomped on it. No idea if it was a good bug/grub or a baddie..... So now I feel guilty.

Friday, October 06, 2006

New Web Address

I have a new web address for my main web site of Lucky's Duck Farm. This move will mean I have more space, 2 GIG instead of 10 MB for the same price per month.

I will be able to structure my web more to what I want as I am not limited to the 10 MB.

The new address is

As time goes by you will see hopefully what will be a more informative website and not as much information removed to make room for more.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Hot One Today

Today is a stinker of a day, temp is pushing to 33 and that's 10 degrees above average. The little ducklings are feeling the heat out on the lawn. Couple of times Pat has busted them sitting in their water dish.

So I went out the front door and snuck round the side and snapped these photos of them. Pat has also spotted the ducklings in their pond dish as well.

They go to the pet shop this Friday. Going to miss them as this is the longest I have kept any duck hatchings. Mind you I am selling them to a different pet shop this time. This shop likes them to be a week old and not 24 to 48 hours old like the other pet shop I have dealt with.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Espalier Lemon Tree

Spent the morning outside sorting out the worm farm I made in early winter with the car tyres. I had the 3 tyres full of garden and animal waste and today I collected 2 tyres worth. So the worms I added from my other farms sure did their work in helping to break it all down.

So while I was off getting something, the supervisors moved in to make sure no worms were left behind in the big move. Tell you what those ducks are in like Flynn when it comes to worms and compost bins.

So when I was finished I sat out on a paver with my camera and snapped off some photos of my happy group of helpers.

Also planted out the lemon tree Pomolo and her hubby gave me for my birthday in August. I chose an area down behind the apricot tree that I usually only grow vegies in the warmer months.

I removed the branch that doesn't suit espalier growing and all that is needed now is the trellis for it to grow on. In the Autumn months next year I'll prepare the areas for the apples & nectarine trees.