Monday, October 30, 2006

Another Trip to the Zoo.

Yesterday (Sunday) Patrick, myself, my brother & his wife took a relaxing trip into the zoo and botanical gardens in the city. The photo above is of parts of the the rose garden and the tropical rainforest's observatory. Walking round among the rose bushes, we could smell the flowers and see the bees busy collecting pollen from the flowers.

There was so many different varieties of roses and choosing some to pop here and show you all was a tough choice. I loved how this flower was hanging and so to take the photo I had to lay on the lawn to take some photos.

Roses of all shapes a sizes, but never short of busy bees. If I was sniffing any of the rose flowers, I made sure there wasn't a bee inside the petals.

She's looking old isn't she???? Poor darling is 20 years old now. I was listening to a volunteer at the zoo and he was saying tigers live about 10 years in the wild. So this lady sure has earned her quiet time.

Giraffes are now not as shy now to when they moved in. There are two young ones at the zoo now. So this trip in we got a wonderful surprise to find the screens had been removed and this made for better viewing and taking photos.

I just love these Mandarin ducks from Asia. They are on the endangered list and I think they are just so pretty. They look like painted china statues. These little guys are like the bigs cats, I just have to take photos of them when I visit the zoo.

I was just so tickled with this photo of the 3 zebras eating together. Usually they are spread out in their enclosure.

So after days of working on my website in a new program and hopefully this will be changed over this coming Saturday and trying to fix the big PC that we now know needs a new hard drive, it was good to get out into some fresh air and see some old friends that we do so love to see at the zoo and to make some new ones.

Seeing the botanical gardens and the rose garden, finished it off nicely.

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