Saturday, October 21, 2006

Baby Duckling Update

First pondie for the babies this morning. I have taken them away from Banjo as she still has a couple of eggs under her.

The worm tray that Banjo loves to nest in, is too tall for the ducklings to get back into when they fall out. I found 1 duckling in a corner of the shed and was feeling on the cold side this morning. So now they are safe and sound in Cadbury's hutch until Monday.

Cadbury is camping in the spare hutch on the lawn until the ducklings go. Going from her photo below she didn't take the news well.

Still hoping for results with the last 2 eggs under Banjo. I can still hear tapping from inside one of the eggs, this morning.

I have the other 8 ducks in the other enclosure away from Banjo as Bundy is desperate to mate with Banjo and she doesn't want anything to do with him. I am worried the last eggs will be broken with Bundy harassing Banjo.

Also I like to keep the main flock away from the babies if they stay with their mother.

Bonnie has shown no interest in leaving her eggs when the ducklings were hatching. I was concerned that she might have left the eggs to go searching for the little duckling noises they were making.

So at the moment Lucky's Duck Farm is a busy little place with babies either having arrived, still hatching or due in a fortnight.

How special is that?


orchid40 said...

Hi lucky !

How special, how gorgeous, how cute !
How can you bear to part with them ?
Love your photos


Lucky-1 said...

Hi Val,

It's hard to say good-bye to the ducklings when they leave my place.

Each hatching is just as speacial as the last and just as cute as well.