Friday, October 20, 2006

Banjo's Babies

Today I am thrilled to announce that Banjo is a mum so far to 7 ducklings. She was so good when I popped her off to see how many and to take some photos.

There are 5 eggs still to go and I think 2 will be duds as I haven't managed to get any of Duchess's eggs to hatch out after 3 sittings.

There is one egg piping at the moment and this leaves 2 eggs I am not too sure about. So out of 12 eggs, we could end up with a minimum of 8 duckings if all goes well.

You can see more photos on Lucky's Nursery page


Cackles said...

How exciting!

My babies are doing well too.


Lucky-1 said...

Thanks Cackles:)

Very tempted to check on them before I go to bed..... but I'll wait until tomorrow to see what the final count it.

Glad your little brood is going well too:)