Sunday, October 01, 2006

Espalier Lemon Tree

Spent the morning outside sorting out the worm farm I made in early winter with the car tyres. I had the 3 tyres full of garden and animal waste and today I collected 2 tyres worth. So the worms I added from my other farms sure did their work in helping to break it all down.

So while I was off getting something, the supervisors moved in to make sure no worms were left behind in the big move. Tell you what those ducks are in like Flynn when it comes to worms and compost bins.

So when I was finished I sat out on a paver with my camera and snapped off some photos of my happy group of helpers.

Also planted out the lemon tree Pomolo and her hubby gave me for my birthday in August. I chose an area down behind the apricot tree that I usually only grow vegies in the warmer months.

I removed the branch that doesn't suit espalier growing and all that is needed now is the trellis for it to grow on. In the Autumn months next year I'll prepare the areas for the apples & nectarine trees.

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