Thursday, October 19, 2006

Sick Plum Tree

Our beautiful plum tree has almost overnight gone from a lush tree with good healthy leaves & fruit on it, to a very sick tree. We have a council park behind our house and a few days before we found the tree becoming sick they had been working in the park. So I am wondering if the workers had sprayed poisons round and some blew over the fence and onto the plum tree.

Close up of the leaves. The leaves died over a matter of a few days. The really affected limbs are very light to lift, almost like they are lacking moisture in the branches.

On the heavier limbs that don't seem to be as affected, have new growth starting. To me it's like there is enough moisture in the tree limbs to generate new growth. I am keeping an eye on the new growth to make sure its not dying as well.

Even bigger growth. I am hoping this growth will keep growing and the tree isn't dying completely and it's trying to generate grow while under stress. Mind you to say that statement... The tree is very stressed.

So the plan is to remove all the dead leaves and the limbs from the tree that are so light when moved. By doing this we are hoping the tree will recover as it'll not have the badly damaged limbs to contend with as well.

I'll keep you posted on what happens as the weeks go by and hopefully good news will be able to be reported to you all.


orchid40 said...

Oh Dear Lucky1, the poor thing. Just want to wish you good luck with it. It`s bad enough to lose a plant, but to lose a tree would be much worse

melissa said...

looks like drift spray damage to me .. ohhwah .
keep it well watered ?? is that possible with your h2o restrictions !!
i remembering hearing on the abc radio gardening show ..the above given as advice ..

Lucky-1 said...

Thanks orchid40:) Really hoping the measures I have taken, will work to save the tree.

Lucky-1 said...

Thanks for the tips Melissa. Boy we are so annoyed with what has happened to the tree. I have no poisons on my property and can't get over how this happened. What I was trying not to ever happen ... has:(