Monday, November 27, 2006

About Those Eggs

Have you ever wondered why you don't see white eggs at the supermarkets as much as the brown eggs?? I heard on the radio once it was because we the consumer think brown eggs are better for you than white eggs.

Makes a lot of sense doesn't it, as brown bread is better for you than white bread. Here's the interesting part about eggs, white, brown or even blue (yep there is a chook breed that lays a blue egg) they are all as good as each other. Araucana hens are know to lay blue to a blue/green egg and even a violet colour. No difference between the white and the brown.

One thing about collecting my own eggs from the paroles out the back is the different colours and shapes the eggs come in. Check out the egg on the left from one of my isa brown hens.

Wonder what she was thinking as she was laying it?? Maybe she wanted a stick of fritz to go with all the salad scraps she has been getting from the kitchen of late?? Got all excited and out popped the next best thing.

For your interest .....

  • Isa brown egg weighed in at 66 grams
  • Fabless 4's white egg was 64 grams
  • Bantam egg came in at 40 grams.

So next time while at the shops buying those perfect shape eggs, think of us backyard poultry lovers with all the pretty colours, shapes and sizes.

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melissa said...

beaut post .. did you know that egg producers would like us all to like white eggs ...apparently white egg layers need less feed than brown egg layers ...they use it more effificently .
As a child we had aracuana's ..this is 15 odd years age,when they were first "found " the eggs were sky blue ..if you crossed them with a barnvelder (who at that time had the now"lost coffee colour" eggs got a genuine khaki eggs .... personally i love a good brown egg .
thanks for your kind comments re the garden might not look so good come january