Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Cake of "Our Lady" The Virgin Mary

As a Catholic I am about to enter into the time of Advent and start to prepare for Christmas. To many people Christmas has a different meaning, be it family gathering and sharing of a meal, giving of gifts or helping the less fortunate and celebrating the birth of Christ.

Today I was given a beautiful gift of a quarter of a cake dough to care for and in 10 days I too will pass 3 equal serves onto 3 other families of a religious faith to repeat the process , this doesn't have to be of a Catholic faith.

Cake of "Our Lady" The Virgin Mary

This cake is also know as "Pope Pio's Bread".

The story is told of an Italian woman had been suffering from illness all her life that she could not even do her house chores. One day her daughter asked her to bake a cake. She refused more than once because she felt she was unable to do this.

The daughter insisted so much that the mother felt like she needed to bake this cake. She asked the aid of the Virgin Mary. As soon as she had begun to prepare the cake, the Virgin Mary appeared and she herself prepared the cake for the woman. The woman was so astonished at what was happening, the Virgin Mary then told her "you yourself will eat from this bread and the whole world as well".

She asked the woman to keep 1/4 of the dough and add to it the ingredients of the recipe to make a whole cake and distribute the other 3/4 to 3 faithful people, on the one condition that they too would do the same and prepare the recipe of this miraculous dough.

So over the next 10 days as it gets closer to the birth of Christ I will begin a journey of a different kind.

Even if you don't believe, I do and from what I have been told from people who have shared in this journey... it's worth doing.

Christmas is a time to remember what was sacrificed for us to live.

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