Thursday, November 23, 2006

Christmas is coming to Luckyland.

Yes it's that time of the year again, where the boxes come out and all the fun begins. That's right, time to put up the Christmas tree again. This holds a special treat for either Amy or Pat when they put the tree up. As the cats (mostly Lucky) like to help and do their bit as well.

Me I'm not so much the trimming person for Christmas. Don't get me wrong I love Christmas, but I do object to the $$$$ value some people put on this time of the year. Pressure for parents to get their children what they are wishing for, what ever the cost in the early months of the new year when the banking statements and store cards come in for payment.

My idea of Christmas is Midnight Mass and a family gathering on Christmas Day, wandering the streets looking at the houses decorated with Christmas lights. Another great place is the SA Brewery as each year they have a stunning display of Christmas themes on the bank of the Torrens River.

Also the nicest donuts can be bought down there. Or it it the atmosphere that makes those donuts taste so much better.

Pat and Amy bond over an afternoon/evening as the outside of the house is decorated. I like to think in years to come that this will be one of those treasured memories Amy will share with her children around the same time of the year, when she decorates her own house.

And in our old age we can sit back and tell our grandchildren of those special hours spent as a family on the same level.

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melissa said...

gywwfbasChristmas can be hard ..people get caught up in the pressure and guilt .
We try to make it simple mass, tea in town and a drive around to look at the lights on Christmas eve makes it very exciting and enjoyable .
Our boys ..5 and 7 know even now that there is a budget (especially this year ) for christmas and i think this is the best way to do it ..instead of unlimited spending . Ours get good stuff but it doesnt break us .
no ROBO raptors in our house. I also encourage them to go thru there toys and pick some out to give away(sometimes works ,sometimes doesnt )
guess also it helps that Kids go to a catholic school and so understand what it is we are celebrating and we attend mass semi regularly and don't get caught in the commercialism of it all...
not that im saying only catholics have a hold on Christmas ..far from ..may be i should write we identify christmas as more than "eat and spend "
I try to make it nice but simple.
by the way.... love the curious black abd white cat Helping !!!!