Saturday, November 18, 2006

Fun & Games

Milly is due to hatch out 9 eggs in the first week of Dec. She's been a good mum sitting on her eggs. I caught Milly in the pond this evening and thought I would check on her eggs.

Boy was this is good idea. I found a now broody Banjo sitting on Milly's eggs and was telling me not to boot her off the eggs. So I lifted Banjo off the 9 eggs and look what I found.

An extra 11 large eggs. So I had to make a choice of what I was going to do.

I have no idea how and what eggs will be any good and what and when the extra 11 are really due. I am hoping that most of the eggs will be okay. Somehow I don't think Milly will have covered and kept warm all the eggs.

So I used the box Bonnie hatched her chicken in, placing the 11 extra Pekin eggs into this box. Hoping Banjo will hop onto the new nest of eggs.

On dusk I popped my head into the shed and Banjo is in Milly's nest and Milly is on the new nest of eggs.

So now it's a waiting game to see what eggs are going to hatch out a cute little duckling and what ones are not.

I can't believe they got this one past me, as I have been collecting heaps of duck eggs and thought Milly only had her 9 eggs. Now the other 7 ducks are separate from Banjo and Milly to make sure there is no more mishaps.

If all is okay in the morning, I'll switch the eggs around on the 2 ducks, so Milly is a mum to her original eggs, she started off with.


melissa said...

Candle them tonight lucky ..really easy and you will get a thrill seeing the babies inside you can see what has developed and ?possibly move the same length of development ones together .

Lucky-1 said...

I don't have the gear to do a candle Melissa. Unless I use Pat's HUGE torch, but this might be too strong for the eggs. It has a high and low beam:)