Saturday, November 25, 2006

Hot Days Ahead

Days are hot of late and with daylight saving and the sun setting later in the day, I have now transferred my gardening to the evening hours after tea. After the heat of a day, nothing is nicer than getting out in the garden and refreshing myself after being inside with the air conditioner.

One of the nicer things about gardening in the evening is the clouds that I can watch being coloured with the sun setting. Tonight was very pretty and there was a plane flying through the clouds leaving a vapor trail behind.

I don't see gardening as work and in the past I have referred this as playing, as I love gardening so much. Tonight I played hard as I mowed the back lawn. The cuttings were put into a box as tomorrow is compost day.

With the day cooling off, Nibbles was let out for a run. Pat busted Nibbles chewing on the prized raspberry leaves and was promptly made to move on to another area. I also managed to photograph Nibbles raiding the rainbow chard earlier on before I started the mowing.

Talking about mowing, I am so glad we don't use a petrol driven mower. Besides my mower being better for the environment and free to push round on the lawn. Nibbles doesn't have to worry about moving as I push it. And for me it's a great work out.

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