Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sunday In The garden.

I have spent the better part of most of the day out in the backyard. Pottering round picking up things that needed picking up. There are days where I just run out of time and things just have to sit until I get back to them.

After the lawn was tidied up, Pat decided to give the lawn a mow. At times he was hindered by a cute little lop bunny who thinks mowing lawns is great fun. Nibbles loves to run in front of our mower. No I don't think he has a death wish as it's a push mower, better for the environment. I think Nibbles just likes to get in the road at times.

This resulted in a wheel barrow of lawn cuttings for the compost bins. So as to just throw the clippings in, I decided to clean out the hen house and collect their straw bedding laced with manure from upstairs in their housing area.

By this time the ducks had cottoned on to the fact I was going to be mixing compost. So I was greeted with happy quacking ducks by the time I was ready to turn over the first compost bin. I love how the ducks love to help make compost. They tend to get in and climb all over the compost heap searching for worms and any other composting bugs they can score. I find though with using a garden fork, I have to make sure I don't spear a webbed foot or a busy duck head getting in the way.

I also took the photo above as I am very excited as this is the first time the plant has flowered. I have had this plant about 5 years now and the cutting come from my Father-In-Law. Only thing I have been doing the last few months is I might throw it a bit of water with some seasol or worn wee mixed in the water. So not sure if this is what made it want to flower or just the size of the plant is what has helped it develop a flower bud.

I keep visiting the nursery to see the little chickens. Milly is broody and so I'll set some duck eggs under her in a couple of days.

Still no rain here, though I did measure 1.5 mm of rain earlier this month. We now have level 2 water restrictions. I only water my lawns once a week and the other 2 days I am allocated, I am leaving in the catchments and the River Murray.

So that is about it from me for this sunny Sunday.

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