Monday, November 13, 2006

Updates On Chickens

The little chickens are growing and running round everywhere. The tiny chick about half the size of the others died over the weekend. It was just so tiny and compared to the others weaker as well.

But these 6 little chicks are full of beans and running everywhere now.

I have more photos of the chickens on my main website on Lucky's Nursery page.


melissa said...

i can se a few hens there ..going by the tiny tail feathers .
i find my sussex chicks to be strong and "busy " hunters . sad about the little one ,but for the best realy .
i thought you'd like the duckilings ..we all do .. i'm still not sure about muscovies though. the spit fire daffadil bulbs are nearly ready to go .if you email me your postal I'll try to packet them up and send in the very near future !

Lucky-1 said...

Oh this is good news that you can see a few hens:D Yes your little duckling photo was very cute. Muscovies are wonderful little brooders:)

I'll email you with my snail mail address and I too will have some bulbs for you as well.