Friday, December 22, 2006

After A Good Rain

Yesterday the heavens opened up over Lucky's Duck Farm and we were rewarded with 4 mm in the first down pour. I was listening to the water that wasn't running into the rain water tank and so Pat got his ladder out and unblocked the gutter.

Being as it was hot and having so little rain, it was just fun to walk round the yard in the rain helping to unblock the gutter. By the time we finished doing this we were soaked and hot with the humidity that was outside. Coming inside we quickly became cold with the air conditioning on, so after hopping in the shower to clean up and get warm, we sat back and enjoyed the rain.

Once the rain had stopped I took the opportunity to feed all the outside animals. Before I was able to come back inside I was caught in a storm and while the 8 mm of rain fell, I kept Banjo company in the duck shed.

Sitting on the straw in the duck shed talking to Banjo and listening to the rain on the tin roof and seeing the rain fall, was such a wonderful experience. Banjo was looking at me from her nest thinking, I had "gone nuts".

When the rain was finished it was a wander round the yard checking on the garden and smiling when I saw the rain water tank was full and over flowing. Down the track I would love to get another tank for the garden.

It was still so humid that we kept the air conditioner on as Pat was finding it very hard to breath. Once the temperature had dropped enough, the house was opened and we went to bed with the rain still falling.

All up we had 18.5 mm of rain and my garden is soaked. Said to Pat today about the rain will give the vegie garden such a boost . Pat said the lawns will green up and the weeds will come. I don't mind the weeds as these feed the chooks and ducks.

After the low rain fall in the winter/spring seasons the rain was a welcome gift. Driving around today it was just wonderful to see people's gardens so wet and the wet land catchments full to the brim from the run-offs.

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