Monday, December 04, 2006

Cucumbers, Rock Melons & Pumpkins

Last year I lashed out and bought 4 iron droppers to use for stakes in the garden when establishing an area to use a trellis. I used to use wooden tomato stakes but found on a stormy night, they would snap with the weight of a plant growing all over the wires.

On the right is the Blue Lake beans which are starting to be harvested. This empty trellis was moved this morning from the same angled position as the bean trellis is on, they were next to each other. This weekend I'll buy some "Apple Cucumber" seedlings and plant them out.

I'd like to see about growing some burpless cucumbers as well as not only does Amy eat cucumbers like apples but I prefer this variety to the Apple variety. As Pat helps me in the garden when his health allows him too, I like to grow his favorites as well as mine.

This area will be for the rock melons, the self sown pumpkin and on the trellis apple cucumbers. I have been adding compost and rabbit bedding to this area to help keep the water in the soil once the plants go in.

Figured the trellis may also help to stop the pumpkin going rampant over other plants in the garden. As just the other side of the trellis is some leeks going to seed and the latest spring onion crop.

The bunny bedding and guinea pig bedding that doesn't have the shredded paper in, will be used this time round as mulch with those strawberry plants I pampered the other day and around the vegie plants, that need it.

So the cute little fluffy ones are doing their bit for the garden over this summer season as well.

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