Friday, December 08, 2006


This morning before I took them to the pet shop I took some photos of the ducklings for you to see and for me to keep a record of.

Chrizzy and one of the white ducklings.

Little white one and a black or brown & white duckling.

With the ducklings all packed in the box for traveling up to the pet shop I had a stop off for a private sale. This turned out to be a no-go and while at the shopping centre I thought I'd see if I could get some greens for the animals.

Figured I'd show the people at the green grocer shop the ducklings as they know I breed them. Well that was worth a look see, as they bought all 4 ducklings for their farm. So we didn't need to travel to the pet shop in the next suburb and I know they are staying together as a family.

With selling them to the pet shop I never know what becomes of them, if sold as pairs or on their own. Also I was able to get more money for them by selling the ducklings privately.

All monies raised in duckling sales and eggs sales, is put back in the Lucky's Duck Farm in the way of food.

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