Friday, December 01, 2006

Gardening In The Evening.

After all the hot weather we have had here, it's nice to be out in the garden again. I walked around the yard and took note of all the things that have been heat damaged, over grown or past it's life cycle.

One of the things that needed replacing were the tomato plants in the no-dig garden. For some reason these plants didn't like the area and I didn't want them to become diseased and past it onto the main tomato area where I have 6 healthy plants.

So after tea tonight I pulled up the plants and planted out 4 zucchini seedlings in their place. I wasn't going to grow zucchini plants this year, but how could I not grow this wonderful vegetable. I make the best zucchini slice using duck eggs.

There are a lot of jobs that need doing in the garden and I was over whelmed at one stage when I thought of all that needs doing. Then I thought how the evening will be spent with Nibbles, furry animals, the gang and the paroles and figured I can play hard while in the garden and just work my way through the list until it's done.

Tomorrow I'll play hard in the garden as I really need to sort out my compost bins and the first thing to do is empty the wheel barrow of rabbit bedding and then empty the tumbler and go from there. Pat will cook a BBQ for lunch and this will be a welcome break from gardening and Nibbles & I will be well and due for a good break by then.

List of things I have noticed that need doing are.....

  • compost
  • weed an area and prepare for carrots & beetroot seeds
  • dead head the roses
  • clean up the front flower bed
  • harvest some beans
  • mow the back lawn (again)
  • check the new spring onion area for weeds
  • strawberry plants were burnt with the heat, need to remove burnt leaves and mulch again
  • clean out the parole's hen house (more poop for compost bins)
  • rabbit hutches to be cleaned and either composted or used as mulch (strawberry plants I think this time)
  • Sort out the older spring onion area as I am seed saving this variety

Also I will hopefully have some more ducklings this coming week. Banjo cheated and took over Milly's nest and Milly took the nest of eggs I set up for Banjo.

So now for the next couple of months I can have tea and then out into the garden until dark, welcoming the night in after a warm to hot day.

Can't get any better than this.

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