Sunday, December 03, 2006

Gardenship Of The Ring

The ring on my little finger Patrick bought me about 3 years ago and only after a few weeks of wearing it, I lost it.

There is nothing more heartbreaking than been given such a lovely gift by one's husband and then to loose it.

Today one of the items I was going to do in the backyard was move the pavers next to my no-dig garden. There was so much lawn growing up between the pavers that it needed to be cleaned up by hand rather than with a whipper sniper.

Pat saw me starting to pull the lawn away and took over and by doing this he did a much better job. While doing this, he found my ring, covered in mud. So a good clean up with an old tooth brush and it's now back on my finger.

This is Chrizzy the latest free loader to the wanna be farm. Born yesterday morning and at the moment the only duckling that has hatched.

Long story short, Milly collected some eggs and went broody, then Banjo saw this and took over and so I gave Milly some eggs for herself.

Sure hope some more ducklings hatch out soon as I am getting rather attached to Chrizzy.


melissa said...

great find ..nothing nicer than this .

pollie said...

Hi Lucky1, It's Pollie here, my laptop broke down a month ago and I have just got it up and running again. I had to have a new hard drive installed which left all my old information on it and we haven't been able to transfer the infomation yet. Along with all this information is your email address. I have also tried unsuccessfully to log into the holiday forum, it won't let me in, it keeps telling me 'login unsuccessful' even if I try as a guest I get the same thing. I was hoping to wish everyone at the forum a happy and safe Christmas and that is why I am writting to you here I have no other way of contact and I did want to explain why I suddenly disappeared. If you could do this for me I would be so thankful. Do have a wonderful Chrissy and a safe and happy new year. Regards to you and all in gardenland. Pollie. Here
is my email address. Thanks.