Sunday, December 17, 2006

Looking At My Garden

The other day with the selling of the last of the ducklings for this year, I decided to use some of the money for the vegie patch.

I love taking a trip down to Bunnings as I am able to have a good browse through the seedlings and see what is on offer. Usually I start the seedlings off at home by seed myself, but I haven't been able to work out where all the days have gone of late.

Really hoping for a good pumpkin, rock melon and cucumber harvest this year. I have dug in so much compost, bunny bedding and old sheep manure in this area. When I turned it the other night, it was full of plump worms.

To try and contain the area where the pumpkins & rock melons are I have used 2 trellises for the apple and burpless cucumbers.

On the other side to the right are capsicums, egg plant and butter beans. My Blue Lake beans aren't doing really well at the moment, I don't think the hot weather has been kind to them. They are looking a bit sun burnt on some leaves.

Chilli plant is chokka block full of green chillies. This will be the 3rd season I have harvested from it.

Nibbles ate all the lettuces, so I have now decided the vegie area is a no go zone for him.

What you are looking at here is the no-dig part of the vegie patch. This area goes from the foreground in the photo to the people fence at the back.

I am not growing corn this year, due to the water restrictions. Even though my garden is for feeding my family, I still am very aware of the water levels in our catchments.

Zucchinis just starting to flower behind the parsley and comfy. Behind them is some watermelon plants that Pat was so wanting this season.

Also in this area are some new lettuces for us and not for Nibbles. Spring onions, strawberries and just past that to the right, some carrots and beetroot and the lemonade tree.

One day I really must remove the old passion fruit vine. Think it has been dead now for 2 seasons. Like I said where are the weeks going???

Tomatoes are coming along wonderfully. Not sure if the basil is helping, but I read somewhere they do well together. Rabbits are enjoying the fresh basil and fresh parsley with their evening meals.

We won't get to eat any of the tomatoes until the new year. But at least we'll get them at some stage this summer.

Very happy with how the garden is feeding us at the moment. Lost of goodies for all of us to eat human and animal.


orchid40 said...

Love looking at your garden Lucky, you put so much hard work and time into it. Don`t your tomatoes look big. I`ve got quite a few plants but they`re all different sizes and varieties. Just picked our first red one, but it`s nothing to brag about, looks rather weather beaten!

Lucky-1 said...

Thanks o40:)

No fresh tomatoes from the garden until 07, but they will be worth the wait.