Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Out In The Garden Today

This afternoon Nibbles & I spent the afternoon out in the backyard playing in the vegie garden.

First job on the list was to pull up the strawberry plants. I decided that I want to grow food that has a better turn over and not sit in the actual vegetable garden for ex amount of months and then crop over a season.

This area then was prepared and I sowed a row of carrots and a row of parsnips in place of the strawberries. I am happy with this decision as there is talk of the prices of fruit and veg increasing in the early part of next year. So I want to grow more of what we eat from day to day.

I made Banjo safe in the shed as I let the chooks out of their run and opened up the gate that was separating the chickens from the ducks. Bundy is a naughty drake and likes to disturb Banjo while she sits on her eggs.

I raked out the chook pen and removed any cooked bones the chooks had stripped bare of meat. Then started to drop in their run and the duck run greens and garden waste for them to go through.

When the chooks and ducks run together, I do believe they enjoy the interaction and getting to see a different spot in their part of the yard.

Tomato plants were tied up with help of garden twine and stakes. One plant needed another stake added as the plant was laying down as one stem some how managed to escape and grow too big the be lifted and tied to the first stake.

Also I twisted off some ends of the feral pumpkin and took photos of the male & female flowers. Gave the garden a water with 2 ltrs of worm wee in a snap on container connected to the hose.

To finish off the day I even managed to sit outside and have a cuppa and read some articals from the new poultry magazine I picked up this morning from my local newsagency.

On my main website I have updated 2 pages with photos from my garden. Pages are "Whats Growing" and "Growing Tomatoes"

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