Saturday, December 02, 2006

While Rhett was Sleeping.

Well seems like Rhett wasn't one for playing out the back today. Seems she was more interested in sleeping than getting into the gardening vibe.

Started outside at 9 am this morning in the composting area. Once this was done and out the way I was able to get stuck into the garden.

After the tumbler had been emptied ( 2 wheel barrow loads) and the compost bins had been rotated and the tumbler filled with compost from one of the bins, I was able to let the chooks out for a run. Bad enough with 6 chickens under my feet and 2 silkies without the paroles and the ducks as well.

With everyone able to bond together I made the duck shed a no-go area to keep Milly & Banjo safe and not disturbed. Which I am glad I had done, as Banjo has a little duckling that looks to have been hatched out early hours of this morning.

Strawberry plants were tidied up and all burnt and dry leaves removed. Some of the compost went round the plants and when Flossy's cage is cleaned out the rabbit bedding will be used to cover the compost.

Pruned back the wormwood plant a bit, cuttings either added to the compost bin along with some comfrey leaves or added to the hen's laying boxes. I still need to clean out and collect the parole's bedding and this will be added to the compost or spread round the strawberry plants as these plants love chicken manure.

Didn't see much of Nibbles this morning, he turned up for the BBQ that Pat cooked. I think he was happy to just lay round the place and watch me do all the work.

Other little jobs I did was to collect the spring onion seeds that I have harvested so far and pop into a seed envelope marked with a date and the variety of seed. Then I cut what seed heads that looked promising on the last of the spring onions in the garden. The rest of the plants were harvested and chopped up and added to the compost bin as they were not any good for eating once they had gone to seed.

Now I have the last of the flowering head drying and next to be saved in the leeks that are just forming flowering spikes.

Down behind the apricot tree I weeded and turned over the soil and planted out some more carrots, beetroot and a row of radish seeds between the carrot seeds. I have placed some wire netting over this area to stop birds digging in this area and for human carrot raiders not to step on the new seed area.

Harvested some more Blue Lake beans as well this morning. Staked 3 capsicum plants as well, due to them thinking about laying down on the job.

Well that is about it for what I did in the garden today. Still have my eye on a few things I want to do later on this evening. But I think it's time I had a break and recharged my batteries.

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