Friday, January 26, 2007

Chicken V Mouse

I was out hanging the washing on the clothes line when I heard a commotion from the duck run. I had to be quick to see what was happening as the Sussex bantams were moving so quickly, as one hen had a baby mouse in her beak and 2 family members where chasing her.

It wasn't until the hen hid behind the spare duck pond that I was able to catch a few good photos of her with the catch.

Some people wonder if feeding their chooks meat is good for them. Try telling them that raw meat is not good for them when a juicy mouse goes past.

I like to make sure all meat is cooked and it doesn't take much to throw scraps into a microwave before feeding them. But I draw a line to a mouse.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Floods In South Australia

My sister has been sending me photos of the floods on the sheep station she & her husband manage. I have asked her if I can post the photos for you to see.

Over the next few days there will be more photos posted on my main website. This water is heading towards the house dam.

Many times we have walked to the house dam with the house dogs and family, so seeing the water heading toward the dam is very exciting.

So far they have had over 220 points. Water further up the state is flowing down towards the sheep station from Yunta and surrounding districts.

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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Rain At Last

Yesterday and last night we had 13 mm of rain all up. This has been a welcome gift from the clouds and all up this month we have had 22.75 mm of rain.

So the garden will not need a drink for days and the lawns I am sure are already turning green. Today it's very humid and the photo was taken just now from my backyard.

I did a ring round to family members and rain has fallen heavy on their farms or properties, with lots of dams filling with water.

More rain is forecast and I only hope that the catchment areas up in the Adelaide Hills and other places around the state are catching rain and filling up to help relieve the water drawn on the River Murrary.

Let me know if and what amount of rain you have had in the last few days :)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Beauty After A Hot And Sad Day.

Today it was a stinker of a hot day with the temp just under the 40 degree mark. It was a dry heat and due to how hot the day was I lost one of the ducklings and 1 of the Sussex bantam roosters this afternoon.

So in my books today has been a crap day all the ways it can be.

Then this evening while out watering the vegies and feeding the animals. This little fella paid us a call for a bath and a chat.

This is why I love my bird baths. As it gives a place for birds to come and have a drink and freshen up.

How special is this????

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Update On Lucky's Duck Farm

Well like many people I am sure, I was looking at these lovely bananas in the supermarket and wondered if I was seeing things. On sale for $3.00. I gently touched them in case I was seeing things and when I commented to a woman that I treat bananas like a china shop..."in case I break and have to pay for" I never touch them.........she started laughing and said she was the same.

So for the first time since the cyclone I lashed out and bought 600 gms of bananas. Boy did they taste so nice and so yummy and oh so wonderful.

Gee I hope its not nearly 12 months before this happens again. We have had bananas range in price from between $10 to $20 to just under $10 mark. Far too dear for us to buy, but for $3.00 I couldn't resist.

Other happenings of late at Lucky's Duck Farm has been the heat. We were forecast a temp just over 35 but it didn't stop rising until it hit the 40 degree mark. So some of the vegies have suffered. More so the large leaves on the zucchinis, these were cut off today and put into the compost bin. Along with some of the pumpkin leaves covering the cucumber plants.

Also the newly germinated carrots died on that hot day as well. I'll leave sowing carrots until late Feb now.

Noticed the spring onions have a few weeds growing in between the bunches and so these will be weeded and given to the chooks this evening.

Also I made 21 lbs of apricots into jam., plus some were stewed and frozen and eaten fresh.

For people who like statistics I keep a record of rain, eggs and this year I have started to keep a record of how many tumblers of compost I make. This will be interesting to see how many I made and used over the 12 months. Also make me know how much green waste didn't leave the yard.

2006 egg chart didn't start until April... slack I know. Shame I know as I have been keeping records for years now.

So over a 9 month

  • chooks .......... 1513 eggs were laid
  • ducks ............ 682 eggs were laid
  • all together......... 2199 eggs were laid and eaten or hatched out.
Rainfall was well under the average for the year.

  • 218 mm of rain was measured in my backyard.
  • Highest rainfall was 44 mm in May
  • Lowest was June with 3 mm
  • No rain fell in October.
I have also updated my main website

Lucky's Nursery

What's Growing


Well that is about it from me today, enjoy your weekend and happy gardening.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Killer Pumpkin Plant

It starts as a harmless little seedling, all innocent like with small green leaves, fragile and promising.

Planting the seedling seems a good idea, so a place is picked in the garden away from small children and animals, in a corner out of the way.

Over time the plant is watered and warmed with the sun's rays. Going out each day it seems to be doing nothing much and so you keep watering it and hoping the plant won't die.

Suddenly from nowhere it takes off......growing at a rapid speed. Winding in between trellises creeping and sneaking over the soil. Snaking it's way through other plants, whispering as it goes.....seeming to be searching for something.

So you try to control it by nipping off the tips while male and female flowers "do their thing" with the help of bees. Breeding seed pods of sweet flesh that swells and multiplies in size right before your eyes.

By now it's too late, the plant has taken control in the vegie patch. Have you noticed any animals or the kids going missing? Check under the pumpkin plant, you never know. Your dog, cat or child may have stood still for too long near this beast and was gobbled up by vines and leaves hunting and searching........

For what?

So if you plant out a pumpkin seedling remember you have been warned!!!!!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Can A Duck Smile???

Can a duck smile? Going from this photo of Banjo I would say yes:)

Banjo has hatched out 7 little ever so cute ducklings of different colours. As I want Banjo off the brood and at the same time reward her for this season's clutches, I am going to leave her to raise these 7 ducklings.

I'll sell them when they are older out at a poultry sale I have heard off.

In the next day or so I'll post a pile of photos over on my nursery page on my main website.

I am going to so enjoy watching these little darlings grow.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Cucumbers Are Starting

"Burpless" cucumbers are starting to grow now and it's interesting to see how this variety is growing compared to the "Apple" variety also growing.

We use a lot of cucumbers in the kitchen over the summer months and PK my canary is rather fond of fresh cucumber in his cage.

If they is a glut of this fruit I pass them off to the neighbours and also the rabbits and guinea pigs.

I tend to like growing the cucumber up a trellis as not only does this save space in the garden, it helps to keep the food clean .

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Cadbury Taking It Easy

Cadbury is enjoying the cooler weather, even if it is still sultry and uncomfortable. First time she did this, I panicked and nearly gave her a heart attack when I yelled at her.

Nothing like a rest against a cordial bottle cold or icy on a hot and uncomfortable day.

We had 5.5 mm of rain last night and this was a welcome sound on the rumpus room tin roof.

Today is sprinkler day for the even house numbers, tonight after 8 pm I am able to use the sprinkle until 11 pm. Due to the overnight rain, I can let this go and save water by not using the hose or sprinkler today.

Garden looks fresh from the rain and my rain water tank has over flowed again.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Tis The Season For Apricots

9 jars of fresh hot jam and 1 Tupperware dish on the side. Not bad from 7 lbs of apricots from Lucky's Duck Farm.

This is when growing your own fruit and veg really pays off. When food is made into jam or what ever takes your fancy and can be eaten over a series of months.

Over the next few days I'll make another batch and like today any apricots the birds have been picking at, these fruits will be stewed and frozen for the winter months.

I will pop my recipe over on my "Garden to Plate" blog in case you have the fancies to make some jam yourself.