Saturday, January 06, 2007

Cadbury Taking It Easy

Cadbury is enjoying the cooler weather, even if it is still sultry and uncomfortable. First time she did this, I panicked and nearly gave her a heart attack when I yelled at her.

Nothing like a rest against a cordial bottle cold or icy on a hot and uncomfortable day.

We had 5.5 mm of rain last night and this was a welcome sound on the rumpus room tin roof.

Today is sprinkler day for the even house numbers, tonight after 8 pm I am able to use the sprinkle until 11 pm. Due to the overnight rain, I can let this go and save water by not using the hose or sprinkler today.

Garden looks fresh from the rain and my rain water tank has over flowed again.


Anonymous said...

Are you sure she is frozen stiff...chuckle! I can see why she made you panic. :D

My own garden has surprised me as there are new shoots popping up everywhere from the two recent rains.

Anonymous said...

oops....should have been "isn't" frozen stiff

Lucky-1 said...

I think my animals are over spoilt and live a relaxed life.:)

Rain seems to bring the best out in the garden, how ever small the amount of rain.