Friday, January 26, 2007

Chicken V Mouse

I was out hanging the washing on the clothes line when I heard a commotion from the duck run. I had to be quick to see what was happening as the Sussex bantams were moving so quickly, as one hen had a baby mouse in her beak and 2 family members where chasing her.

It wasn't until the hen hid behind the spare duck pond that I was able to catch a few good photos of her with the catch.

Some people wonder if feeding their chooks meat is good for them. Try telling them that raw meat is not good for them when a juicy mouse goes past.

I like to make sure all meat is cooked and it doesn't take much to throw scraps into a microwave before feeding them. But I draw a line to a mouse.


m said...

amazing what a chok will eat ..they can develop some very horrid habits ....
any chook i've ever known has ben an omnivore ..definitely not vegetarian

Yee Piao said...

Chicken has evolve into a cat. Who says we need a cat to clean up mouse in our house?!

Lucky-1 said...

Chickens are great for cleaning up bugs & mice around the garden. Great little organic hunters:)