Friday, January 12, 2007

Killer Pumpkin Plant

It starts as a harmless little seedling, all innocent like with small green leaves, fragile and promising.

Planting the seedling seems a good idea, so a place is picked in the garden away from small children and animals, in a corner out of the way.

Over time the plant is watered and warmed with the sun's rays. Going out each day it seems to be doing nothing much and so you keep watering it and hoping the plant won't die.

Suddenly from nowhere it takes off......growing at a rapid speed. Winding in between trellises creeping and sneaking over the soil. Snaking it's way through other plants, whispering as it goes.....seeming to be searching for something.

So you try to control it by nipping off the tips while male and female flowers "do their thing" with the help of bees. Breeding seed pods of sweet flesh that swells and multiplies in size right before your eyes.

By now it's too late, the plant has taken control in the vegie patch. Have you noticed any animals or the kids going missing? Check under the pumpkin plant, you never know. Your dog, cat or child may have stood still for too long near this beast and was gobbled up by vines and leaves hunting and searching........

For what?

So if you plant out a pumpkin seedling remember you have been warned!!!!!

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