Saturday, January 13, 2007

Update On Lucky's Duck Farm

Well like many people I am sure, I was looking at these lovely bananas in the supermarket and wondered if I was seeing things. On sale for $3.00. I gently touched them in case I was seeing things and when I commented to a woman that I treat bananas like a china shop..."in case I break and have to pay for" I never touch them.........she started laughing and said she was the same.

So for the first time since the cyclone I lashed out and bought 600 gms of bananas. Boy did they taste so nice and so yummy and oh so wonderful.

Gee I hope its not nearly 12 months before this happens again. We have had bananas range in price from between $10 to $20 to just under $10 mark. Far too dear for us to buy, but for $3.00 I couldn't resist.

Other happenings of late at Lucky's Duck Farm has been the heat. We were forecast a temp just over 35 but it didn't stop rising until it hit the 40 degree mark. So some of the vegies have suffered. More so the large leaves on the zucchinis, these were cut off today and put into the compost bin. Along with some of the pumpkin leaves covering the cucumber plants.

Also the newly germinated carrots died on that hot day as well. I'll leave sowing carrots until late Feb now.

Noticed the spring onions have a few weeds growing in between the bunches and so these will be weeded and given to the chooks this evening.

Also I made 21 lbs of apricots into jam., plus some were stewed and frozen and eaten fresh.

For people who like statistics I keep a record of rain, eggs and this year I have started to keep a record of how many tumblers of compost I make. This will be interesting to see how many I made and used over the 12 months. Also make me know how much green waste didn't leave the yard.

2006 egg chart didn't start until April... slack I know. Shame I know as I have been keeping records for years now.

So over a 9 month

  • chooks .......... 1513 eggs were laid
  • ducks ............ 682 eggs were laid
  • all together......... 2199 eggs were laid and eaten or hatched out.
Rainfall was well under the average for the year.

  • 218 mm of rain was measured in my backyard.
  • Highest rainfall was 44 mm in May
  • Lowest was June with 3 mm
  • No rain fell in October.
I have also updated my main website

Lucky's Nursery

What's Growing


Well that is about it from me today, enjoy your weekend and happy gardening.

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