Friday, February 16, 2007

6 Strange And Weird Things About Me.

Melissa tagged me for 6 weird things about myself.

LOL she doesn't know what she let you all in for :)

  • My nails, I have this thing about hands and nails. When I am 80 plus years old I'll be all old, wrinkly and sagging...... BUT my hands & nails will still look as young as a 20 year olds. I even bought $180 worth on nail polishes on eBay for $35.00. At the moment I am only wearing a clear coat on my nails. I have stacks of exfoliating scrubs for my hands and each night I have a system of creams and cuticle oils I use.
  • My humor, it's a shocker and has been known to get me in trouble. I tell the best "R" rated jokes in the family.

  • Animals, love animals of all kinds...... mostly what is in my backyard. My family think at times I put them first and treat them better:)

  • Love green tomato pickles on mash spud with raw diced onion it the spud. With cold sliced meat on the side.

  • Love to watch people have those little surgical treatments at the clinics. I watch the doctor cut a lump off my hubby's face. Stitch up my daughters hand once. When I had to do the dressing on my son's hand after major surgery..... didn't faze me.
My vet even gave me Lucky's and Madeline's female bits to me when they were desexed. Explaining to me what was what.

  • Love to embarrass people when out shopping, my family are often on their guard when shopping with me. Love telling the shop assistance how well they are making credit cards in the prison my family member was just released from.

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