Thursday, February 01, 2007

Eggs Of A Different Kind

I am so thrilled with the eggplant in my no-dig area of the garden. I am waiting for one or two of them to be a bit bigger and then I'll have a feed. Even though I am the only one who eats the eggplant, I still have 1 plant in the garden.

Haven't they grown? These 4 little darlings have well and truly entrenched themselves in my heart. This will make it harder to sell them down the track.

They aren't shy and will follow me into the duck shed where their food is kept. At times they seem to be under my feet. Still stick close to Banjo and Banjo knows I am not taking them away as when I pat the babies when feeding, Banjo doesn't attack my hand anymore. Not that she hurt my hand when she was nipping at it. More of a half hearted effort on her side.

Going from the look of the ducklings, I think they will have the body shape of the Pekin or Indian Runner with 3 of them having Mallard feather colouring.

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